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Talley H-S. Kovacs

kovacs-talley8mfTalley H-S. Kovacs


Pessin Katz Law, P.A.

Talley H-S. Kovacs likes making a difference in the lives of female law school students.

“I really enjoy mentoring first-year students, especially women who are working their way through law school or raising children while attending law school,” said Kovacs, an associate in Pessin Katz’s litigation department, who said she is mentoring a female student this year. “While I did not have children when I was a student, I have young children now and I like to help these women discuss their issues in a safe space, exchange ideas about work-life integration, and strategize about pathways to achieving success at home and at work.”

Kovacs is a member of the United Way of Central Maryland Baltimore City Partnership Board, Women United, and Emerging Leaders United Ambassador, and a former board member with the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance.

“It is important for me to contribute to causes that are improving lives, and to show my children that there is always someone and some way to help,” she said. “Volunteering makes me a better parent, a better friend, and a better colleague, and makes my life very fulfilling. Every day is a chance to help others, experience life, and leave a trail of good behind me.”