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Vanessa Geffrard

Vanessa Geffrard

Vanessa Geffrard

Senior Director of Education and Training
Planned Parenthood of Maryland

Vanessa Geffrard has spent her career advocating for better public health.

She has worked for Planned Parenthood of Maryland since 2013, and was promoted earlier this year to senior director of education and training.

Under her leadership, the department has increased the number of middle and high schools reached by 50 percent and taught 5,000 students in 2015.

Geffrard is active in her community and launched Clippers and Curlers, a barber shop and hair salon health education program she established to educate and empower African-American clients and staff on topics of sexual health, sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

“This year, I’m looking to expand the program by training barbers and stylists on these sexual and reproductive health topics to give them the skills to have these conversations with their clients,” she said.

Geffrard is a national delegate for Girl Scouts of Central Maryland and a board member of Neighbors Without Borders of Southwest Baltimore and Pressley Ridge.