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Walakewon Blegay

Walakewon Blegay

Walakewon Blegay

Staff Attorney
District of Columbia Nurses Association

Walakewon Blegay has served as staff attorney at the District of Columbia Nurses Association since 2014. She is also host of “Chat With A Lawyer TV Show,” which provides viewers with  information about their legal rights.

She is an advocate for civil rights, as a board member for the ACLU of Maryland. She also served as a commissioner on the Prince George’s County Human Relations Commission, which adjudicates civil rights complaints and provides training to repeat offenders.

Blegay was a pioneering advocate for the anti-human trafficking efforts in Prince George’s County and helped launch the Human Trafficking Forum in 2012, which led to the launch of a task force that meets monthly to discuss ways to combat human trafficking.

“My life’s goal has been to advocate for the less fortunate, and I will continue to work to improve rights for the unrepresented,” she said.