Richard J. Gale v. Karen L. Gale

Divorce: Settlement Agreement: Motion to revise decree

CSA No. 2523, Sept. Term 2012. Unreported.

Opinion by Sharer, J.F., J. (Retired, Specially Assigned). Filed: April 9, 2014.

Appeal from Baltimore County. Affirmed.

RecordFax #14-0409-02, 7 pages.

Since appellant’s motion to revise the divorce decree was filed more than 10 days after entry of the judgment, it did not stay the time for noting an appeal, nor did his motion to reconsider, the denial of which is not appealable; and, even if the appeal had been timely, a computational error or miscalculation of value by a party is not a jurisdictional “mistake” subject to revision under Md. Rule 2-535.

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