For Ravens, damage control has been under way for a while

The Baltimore Ravens’ attempt to recover fan goodwill following Ray Rice’s domestic violence scandal began before the videotape from inside the elevator was made public, let alone before the team fired him.

In a story for The Daily Record, John Maroon of Maroon PR said the team had no choice but to send a strong message by firing Rice. But fan reaction would have been worse had the team not laid the  laid the groundwork last month  by entering into a three-year partnership with House of Ruth, which his firm represents.

The Ravens’ commitment It included a $600,000 donation to the organization, training for the players and other staff and promotional work for the organization’s centers.

The thing that made that substantive was that it wasn’t just them writing a check to House of Ruth,” said Maroon, whose firm represents the victims’ advocacy group. “They proactively reached out to House of Ruth and said we need to do something to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Maroon and the other professionals interviewed for the story said the key to bringing back rightfully offended fans is sincerity — and time.

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