Marc Stengel v. Susan Silesky F/K/A Susan Stengel, et al.

Divorce: Delay in issuing opinion: Costs and fees
CSA No. 1694, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported.
Opinion Nazarian, J. Filed Sept. 17, 2014.
Appeal from Baltimore County. Affirmed.
RecordFax #14-0917-05, 16 pages.

Although Article IV, §23 of the Maryland Constitution says circuit courts shall decide cases within two months of trial, the provision is not mandatory and, given the complexity of this case, a wait of nine months was not grounds for reversal; nor did the court err or abuse its discretion in finding husband was ‘driving the litigation’ and ordering him to pay the majority of fees for his wife’s attorney, the custody evaluator and BIA.

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