Christopher Zembower v. Lisa M. Zembower

Custody and visitation: Modification: Motions to reconsider

CSA No. 2590, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported.

Opinion by Eyler, D., J. Filed Oct. 17, 2014.

Appeal from Allegany County. Affirmed.

RecordFax #14-1017-00, 16 pages.

The trial court acted within its discretion in refusing to reconsider its denials of appellant’s motions to (1) reschedule a custody hearing held four days earlier, as appellant offered contradictory and illogical reasons for his absence; (2) reconsider its custody order, as appellant raised far-fetched allegations unrelated to the child’s school schedule, which prompted the change; and (3) halt the release of exhibits, which was based on far-fetched allegations and issues already adjudicated.

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