EOB: Now lawmakers know what you know

Speaking of the General Assembly: Our Q&A with attorney Ferrier Stillman, “What family lawyers need to know about the EOB law” (MFLU May 2014) made an appearance in the State House this week.

The article was used to help brief the Health Insurance Subcommittee on implementing the Explanation of Benefits law that the legislature passed last session (SB 790), Stillman says. Designed to protect the privacy of abused spouses and young adults still covered under their parents’ insurance plans, the law also has implications for estranged or divorcing spouses who, for example, might not want the policy-holding spouse to know they are going through counseling, having certain medical procedures or taking certain prescriptions.

But then, you already knew that.


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Barbara Grzincic is managing editor at The Daily Record and edits TDR's Maryland Family Law Update.

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