In May 2011, Julie Dobies (“Wife”), appellee, filed a complaint for a divorce from David Moody (“Husband”), appellant. The Circuit Court for Harford County conducted a bench trial on June 18–20, 2012. The evidence presented at trial showed that the couple’s finances were strained throughout the marriage, and that by late 2010, they had tens of thousands of dollars of unsecured debt that they struggled to pay. On July 31, 2012, the circuit court entered a judgment granting an absolute divorce and ordering Husband to pay $750 per month in rehabilitative alimony to Wife for a period of five years. Husband appealed the judgment to this Court, arguing, among other things, that the circuit court’s award of alimony was improper because the award was intended to force Husband to pay a portion of the couple’s debt and Wife’s attorney’s fees. This Court agreed that the circuit court’s stated rationale for awarding alimony would have been more appropriately addressed by entry of a marital award, and we remanded the case to the circuit court to reconsider the appropriate relief. On remand, the circuit court once again awarded Wife $750 per month in rehabilitative alimony for a period of five years, and Husband appealed again. QUESTIONS PRESENTED Appellant submitted four questions for our review, which we have consolidated and rephrased as follows: 1. Did the circuit court err by awarding Wife alimony in the amount of $750 per month for a period of five years? 2. Did the circuit court erroneously conclude that Husband was not entitled to a reimbursement of alimony payments already made? Because we answer each of these questions in the negative, we will affirm the judgment of the Circuit Court for Harford County.

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