Minn. lawmaker wants ‘sea change’ in divorce law (access required)

Ten years ago, when state Rep. John Lesch, DFL-St. Paul, and his then-wife were ending their marriage, they decided to negotiate the terms themselves, and, in his telling, they were able to forge compromises on contentious issues such as parenting time and child support. But while Lesch is a lawyer, he said he knew his day job as a prosecutor in St. Paul hardly made him expert in matters of family law, so he and his soon-to-be former wife agreed to bring in an outside attorney to take a look at the proposal. According to Lesch, that decision put an end to the congeniality. Both spouses lawyered up, and soon the motions were flying, as were the recriminations. “It was harrowing, it was emotional, it was difficult and it was expensive,” said Lesch of the divorce.

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