Social Security in search of volunteer lawyers (access required)

Social Security Office

Dementia, developmental disabilities and other health issues make it impossible for millions of Social Security recipients to manage their own benefits. In those cases — more than 8 million a year — the Social Security Administration generally appoints a friend or family member to serve as the beneficiary’s “representative payee.” But in 21 percent of such cases there’s another problem: no friend or family member can be found. And, as the population ages, the agency expects the problem to get worse.

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We can work it out (access required)

Kathleen Wobber

A push for collaboration rather than litigation in divorce and child-custody cases gained steam last month when the Maryland Judiciary’s rules committee gave preliminary approval to a proposal spelling out attorneys’ responsibility before, during after a collaborative law process. The ...

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‘Living in sin’ a thing of the past?

Could the biggest impediment to divorce and remarriage among devout Catholics be a thing of the past? Almost certainly not — not yet, that is. But the notion that divorced Catholics who remarry are living in sin, and therefore ineligible to participate in the sacraments, is up for debate at the international meeting of bishops and cardinals Pope Francis convened this week in the Vatican City.

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Father loses bid to bump BIA (access required)

Best-interest attorneys in Maryland got a welcome shot of support from the Court of Special Appeals, which rejected a father’s argument that parents should be given special leeway in seeking to disqualify them.

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Say you want an evolution (access required)

By moving away from the traditional adversarial approach to one that emphasizes the circumstances facing each family, educators hope to give students a range of skills apart from litigation with which to address their clients’ needs.

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