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A ceremony for divorce | Divorce as a legal tactic

"Why is it that there is all this ceremony to getting married, and no ceremony at all when you get unmarried? Shouldn't you have to look the person in the eye and apologize to them when all is said and done?" That’s the question that spurred HuffPost blogger Lara Lillibridge to imagine what such a divorce ritual would look like.

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Her not-so-lucky break

Lottery ticket

The estranged wife of a lottery winner is entitled to just 2.5 percent of his $2 million winnings because the couple was already separated at the time of the drawing, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in late April.

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Divorce was grounds for firing

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a divorced woman who claimed that her religious employer fired her for “failing to reconcile her marriage” but took no such action against similarly situated male employees.

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