Adoption & Guardianship

Tracy Sharon Brackett v. Susan Lynn Brandow

voluntary impoverishment finding was supported by the record, where, although appellant claimed she started her own business rather than take a demotion spurred by her employer’s bias against her transgender status, the evidence showed her employer had valid reasons for restructuring and had offered appellant a contract under which she would have been highly compensated, which she rejected while knowing she had an obligation to pay alimony and child support.

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In Re: Adoption/Guardianship of Gavin W.

Adoption/Guardianship: Permanent Guardianship: Military parent CSA No. 1860, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Nazarian, J. Filed Oct. 22, 2014. Appeal from Howard County. Affirmed. RecordFax #14-1022-00, 14 pages. The circuit court properly granted mother’s petition to revoke an order ...

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