William Corbett v. Amy Mulligan (access required)

Paternity testing: Best-interest standard: Intact family CSA No. 13-0429-00, September Term 2010. Unreported. Opinion by Graeff, J. Filed April 29, 2013. 14 pages. Appeal from Frederick County Circuit Court (on remand from the Court of Appeals). Affirmed.

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Felicia Henry v. Clifton Allison (access required)

Custody: UCCJEA: Child with no home state CSA No. 1285, September Term, 2011, Unreported. Opinion by Kenney, J., retired, specially assigned. Filed March 8, 2013. 10 pages. Appeal from Prince George’s County Circuit Court. Affirmed.

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Bertha Angeles v. Mario Zamora (access required)

Visitation: Authorization to obtain a child’s passport: Best interest of the child. CSA No. 0664, September Term, 2012. Unreported. Opinion by Eyler, D., J. Filed March 8, 2013. 15 pages. Appeal from Baltimore City Circuit Court. Reversed.

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