Dapp v. Dapp

Divorce: Marital Property: Railroad Retirement Act CSA No. 0500, September Term 2011, Reported. Opinion by Pierson, J. Filed May 1, 2013. 14 pages. Appeal from Baltimore County Circuit Court. Reversed in part.

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Amy Mulligan v. William Corbett

Paternity: presumption of legitimacy: child conceived during marriage CoA No. 43, Sept. Term 2011. Reported. Opinion by Rodowsky, J., retired, specially assigned. Filed May 23, 2012. Petition from Court of Special Appeals, on appeal from Frederick County. RecordFax #12-0523-22, 62 pages.

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Thomas Boemio v. Cynthia Boemio

DIVORCE: ALIMONY: USE OF INDEPENDENT GUIDELINES Court of Appeals No. 57, Sept. Term 2009. Reported. Opinion by Adkins, J. Filed: May 11, 2010. Petition from Court of Special Appeals; Appeal from Montgomery County. Affirmed.

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