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Child Advocacy: Mikulski, colleagues call for human-trafficking crackdown

Those on both panels discussed the need for a two-pronged approach to eliminate sex trafficking – pimps and johns need to face harsher punishments for selling and buying minors, while children who have been trafficked need to be treated as victims of a crime rather than criminals. “They are not child prostitutes, there is no such thing as a child prostitute,” said Malika Saada Saar, executive director of the Human Rights Project for Girls.

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Human trafficking: Danger grows in our own backyard

Victims of human trafficking are often thrust into this criminal activity by deception or blackmail, with the perpetrators targeting vulnerable populations — generally females between the ages of 14-21, often with backgrounds that include early childhood trauma, a history of being sexually assaulted, witnessing community violence or parental neglect.

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