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Jennifer Brandeen v. David Brandeen (access required)

Divorce: marital property: jointly titled account CSA No. 2092, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Eyler, D.S., J. Filed Nov. 5, 2014. Appeal from Anne Arundel County. Vacated in part. RecordFax #14-1105-02, 28 pages. After determining the value of the ...

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In Re: Sean K. (access required)

CINA: medical records: in camera interview CSA No. 1893 Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Eyler, Deborah S., J. Filed: May 9, 2014 Appeal from Baltimore City. Affirmed.

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David A. Samuels v. Linda O. Samuels (access required)

Visitation: Attorney's fees: Lack of substantial justification for proceeding CSA Nos. 0756 & 1679, Sept. Term 2012. Unreported. Opinion by Eyler, J.R., J. (Retired, Specially Assigned). Filed: April 21, 2014. Appeal from Montgomery County. Affirmed.

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