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In Re: Emilee G., Devin G., & Bella G. (access required)

Given the mother’s drug addiction and relapse into active drug use, the father’s inability to react appropriately to the children’s safety and health issues, and the juvenile court’s consideration of all the statutory factors, it was not an abuse of discretion to change the permanency plan for three CINAs from reunification to adoption by a nonrelative.

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In Re: Adalia R., Hailey R., & Miles R. (access required)

Did the circuit court err in changing the permanency plan from reunification to guardianship/adoption, where, inter alia, the court made clearly erroneous findings about the mother’s mental health, the parents had made substantial progress in satisfying their service agreements, and the children continued to bond well with them?

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In Re: Rachel Schweitzer, etc. (access required)

1. Did the circuit court abuse its discretion in concluding that the best interest of the child would not be served by granting the petition to change her surname? 2. Did the circuit court err in not seeking the child’s testimony when the mother’s offer to make the child available to the court was made after the hearing had concluded?

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Hold your heads up, family-law attorneys

Vincent Willis

If family law has an image problem, it’s no wonder. The name itself is an oxymoron. “We call it ‘family law’ but we break up families,” Vincent M. Wills, the new chairman of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Family & Juvenile Law section, said at the MSBA’s Annual Meeting in June.

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In Re: Yumary N. (access required)

JUVENILE LAW: COMPULSORY EDUCATION: ELEMENTS OF OFFENSE CSA No. 1174, September Term, 2010. Unreported. Opinion by Davis, Arrie, J., retired, spec. assigned. Filed March 8, 2012.

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