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In re Adoption of Sean M.

Termination of Parental Rights: Independent adoption: Untimely objection CA No. 54, September Term 2012. Reported. Opinion by Harrell, J. Filed March 22, 2013. 22 pages. Appeal from Queen Anne’s County. Affirmed.

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Andrea Hanes v. Bryce Lee Hanes (access required)

Child support: Determination of actual income: Pre-tax contributions CSA No. 0541, September Term, 2012. Unreported. Opinion by Meredith, J. Filed Jan. 31, 2013. 16 pages. Appeal from Queen Anne’s County. Reversed and remanded.

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Faith Krug v. George Krug (access required)

CSA No. 2741, September Term, 2011. Unreported. Opinion by Eyler, Deborah S., J. Filed November 28, 2012. 10 pages. Appeal from Queen Anne’s County. Vacated and remanded. Child support: Calculation: Unexplained deviation from guidelines

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