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In Re: Ilyana M. (access required)

In order to declare a 3-year-old child a CINA, it was enough that the mother was incarcerated following the death of another child and that the 3-year-old’s father could not be located.

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Todd E. Jefferson v. Josette E. Jefferson (access required)

Divorce: Monetary award: Pleading CSA No. 1194, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Zarnoch, J. Filed Aug. 5, 2014. Appeal from Baltimore city. Affirmed. RecordFax #14-0805-04, 10 pages. Although the wife did not expressly seek a monetary award in her ...

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In Re: Shawn P. 0556 (access required)

CINA: Award of custody to DSS: Subsequent placement CSA No. 2587, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Hotten, J. Filed July 22, 2014. Appeal from Cecil County. Affirmed. RecordFax #14-0722-08, 18 pages.

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