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Fran R. Moskowitz v. Marc S. Moskowitz (access required)

This case arises from an order entered by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County on October 2, 2013, granting Marc S. Moskowitz’s (“Father”) Motion for Modification of Child Support payments to Fran R. Moskowitz (“Mother”). Mother filed a timely appeal on November 1, 2013. Father filed a cross-appeal on November 12, 2013.

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Kristine D. Stevenson v. Christopher M. Stevenson (access required)

Child support: Modification: Pending motion to alter or amend CSA No. 1756, September Term, 2011. Unreported. Opinion by Thieme, Raymond G., Jr. (retired, specially assigned). Filed January 4, 2013. Appeal from Baltimore County. Remanded for further proceedings, without affirming or reversing.

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