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Igor Belyakov v. Irina Belyakova (access required)

Father and Mother were married in Russia on July 12, 1998. After immigrating to the United States, the couple had twin daughters, Anastasia and Catherine, born June 28, 2002. Mother filed for absolute divorce on March 2, 2012, in the circuit court, citing a 12-month separation. She requested alimony, child support, and sole physical and legal custody of the children with visitation for Father.

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Larry R. Brooks v. Charlene P. Brooks (access required)

I. Did the trial court have jurisdiction over the second supplemental counterclaim where wife failed to file a financial statement prior to trial, husband did not file an answer, and wife never sought a judgment by default? II. Did the trial court err when it refused to dismiss the supplemental counterclaim under the doctrine of res judicata or, in the alternative, collateral estoppel? III. Did the trial court err in ordering husband to pay back pendente lite alimony under a 2004 order after the case was closed and the order expired?

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In Re: Emily C. (access required)

CINA: Waiver of reunification: Delegation of visitation. CSA No. 1750, Sept. Term 2013. Unreported. Opinion by Wright, J. Filed: April 3, 2014. Appeal from Cecil County. Vacated in part.

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