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Thank you for a wonderful evening last night.  The Daily Record definitely knows how to throw a party!  You have all made me feel extremely proud and honored.  I was also truly humbled to be standing on the stage with Maryland’s legendary business leaders, some of whom I’ve admired since my college days! I can’t wait to attend the event again in 2016 as a spectator to honor the next group of honorees!

John Scott, Jr., CIC, President & CEO, Westminster American Insurance Company

It’s a pleasure for Peninsula Regional Medical Center to partner with The Daily Record and sponsor their recognition programs including Top 100 Women, Most Admired CEO and Influential Marylanders. All provide us a unique statewide opportunity to recognize a very talented leadership team at PRMC that is committed to advancing healthcare in Maryland. Suzanne Fischer-Huettner and her Daily Record staff can always be counted on to throw an amazing party and to provide each honoree with an experience that will last a lifetime.

Roger A. Follebout, Jr., Community Relations Director, Peninsula Regional Medical Center 

Thank you and the team for the honor of selecting me as a winner. We had a great time celebrating and meeting other award winners as well as guests at the event. It was truly the best event I’ve attended in the last 5 years.

Everyone at our table enjoyed the evening immensely and our DC partners who attended really appreciated the location not being a downtown Baltimore location.

I wanted to personally highlight how professional and expert the team was who put together the writing, photos, contact, etc. Every person was friendly and courteous – a rarity in my experience and something I thought you’d appreciate knowing.

I’ve highlighted this with our partners and others as they make choices publishing and promotion wise.

My unusual story has captured a lot of media attention, but uniquely yours has been the only publication, that like me, emphasizes that it takes a team of clients, employees and partners to make a company grow and by extension the economy. It was great to hear that message broadcast so loudly and clearly to so many people!

Thank you for the evening and as importantly emphasizing the power of collaboration in making our economy successful.

Best wishes,

Janet Amirault, CEO, Software Consortium (2013 Most Admired CEOs winner)

“You and your team scored A+’s on several fronts: location, accommodation, ambiance, hospitality (including food , drink, and service), program content, program duration, and of course, program stewardship. The excitement and gaiety in the room was an extra, special bonus. Job well done!”

Wilhelm Joseph, Maryland Legal Aid Bureau (2012 Most Admired CEOs Winner)

“We too can’t thank you enough for the lovely event and for supporting our desire to have some of our valued staff members participate in the celebration. We’re proud of our CEO, Jeff Rivest, and appreciative of The Daily Record for selecting him during this inaugural year.

“I’m sure you and your team are pleased with yourselves for hosting such a terrific first-time event that was both elegant and enjoyable. The enthusiasm was practically tangible!

“It was truly our privilege to participate as a sponsor for such a fine event, and we appreciated having the opportunity.”

Paula Henderson, University of Maryland Medical Center

“I thought it was a lovely evening. Very nicely done. Well planned and run and just the right amount of time on all the various elements. All the folks I spoke with, including my group, felt the same way.  Congratulations to you for putting on and hosting such a great event! I’m honored to have been selected in your inaugural class.”

David Warschawski, Warschawski (2012 Most Admired CEOs Winner)