Amy Elias

Elias, Amy09Amy Elias

Founder & CEO

Profiles Inc.




The founder of the multi-faceted communications firm Profiles Inc., Amy Elias describes her leadership style in these two mandates: Be demanding and listen.

“Those may seem contradictory but they actually work well together, better than either one separately, to result in successful outcomes and great staff,” said Elias, who started her firm in 1990. “I do set very high standards of diligence, creativity, pursuit and detail. I expect everyone to strive for and reach those standards, and frankly, am sometimes relentless in the effort. But … I listen to the input, reactions, evaluations and ideas of others.”

Born and raised in Baltimore, Elias grew up with an appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit. She was drawn to communications and public relations because “you could develop a program that would really move the dial. …You could develop something really creative people would respond to and there would be a real action. Things would happen.”

Elias holds a bachelor’s degree from Emory University and is a trustee at the Baltimore Museum of Art as well as a board member for Center Stage.

She enjoys the diversity of the projects her firm pursues, but said she is driven every day to nurture and see young talent grow. “I love it when the people who work with me or for me are doing well. That really gives me a great amount of satisfaction,” she said.