Barb Clapp

Clapp, Barbara08 2Barb Clapp

President & CEO

Clapp Communications


Barb Clapp remembers looking at magazine advertisements at a young age. When she found ones she liked, she would tear them out and paste them into a book.

A Loyola College in Maryland graduate, she spent more than a decade in the media world before deciding to start her own business, Clapp Communications, in 2001. Celebrating 15 years of service this October, the Baltimore-based company specializes in marketing, public relations and media buying.

Clapp works closely with her team members and said her leadership style is to make her expectations clear to staff, but also give them some autonomy. “I feel like once I have set out expectations and goals, if you are the right person for the company, you are going to run with it. I let people run with it and it has worked out well,” she said.

The team also has fun during the work week. Everyone’s birthday is celebrated with a lunch and cupcakes. They have an annual employee appreciation day and a holiday party every year at the Center Club in Baltimore. Clapp also will take employees to a lunch on a nice day or let them leave early on summer Friday. “I think that if they are having fun and I am having fun, we do great work,” she said. “My team members have been such a great support for me. …They work hard every day and I am really grateful for that.”