Carmel Roques

Roques, Carmel33 2Carmel Roques

Keswick Multi-Care Center


Carmel Roques has worked with staff and board members to expand community services at Keswick Multi-Care Center in Baltimore since being named CEO in 2011, and she’s starting to see results.

“I looked at where we wanted to grow to best align with current healthcare policy and funding,” she said. “We have expanded into many new service lines, partnerships, and opportunities.”

Keswick, a nonprofit organization, offers community health programs, rehabilitation, assisted living, adult day services, and long-term care.

“We are building loyalty as a community health provider. Clients who come to us for health programming might, for example, come back for rehabilitation after knee replacement, or come here for rehab and later come here to live. This wasn’t happening before we expanded our vision.”

Keswick and Action in Maturity have built a senior center on the Keswick campus to offer health promotion, disease prevention and management, and socialization services to residents and the community. “By bringing AIM on campus, we have greatly expanded our reach into the community.”

As a result of Roques’ leadership, Keswick has also has developed other innovations including comprehensive brain health programming and started developing a virtual senior center so home-bound adults can socialize.