Dr. Peggy Naleppa

Peggy Naleppa 5th photoDr. Peggy Naleppa

President & CEO
Peninsula Regional Health System


Dr. Peggy Naleppa’s domain is far-flung, with nearly 3,000 employees working in 20 medical facilities stretching from Delaware to Virginia.

But Naleppa, president and CEO of the Peninsula Regional Health System since 2009, believes fragmentation is “the greatest barrier to improvements” and, therefore, in integrating care delivery processes throughout her organization.

Her approach has helped Peninsula earn numerous awards and honors, including the title of “Best Regional Hospital on Maryland’s Eastern Shore” from U.S. News & World Report and the American Hospital Association’s “Most Wired Award” (six times).

In addition, income growth during her tenure has increased by 28 percent.

“Our goal at Peninsula Regional is a ‘culture of always’,” Naleppa said. “We strive to make sure that we meet the needs of ‘every patient, every person, every time.’ Always isn’t easy, and we’re not perfect, so we keep refining our practices to continue to get better.”

Before taking over the Salisbury-based Peninsula, Naleppa was the system’s chief operating officer and senior vice president. Before that, she served as COO and senior vice president of St. Mary’s Hospital, in Leonardtown, MD.

Naleppa holds an MBA with a concentration in healthcare services from Johns Hopkins University, and an M.A. and doctorate in management from the University of Maryland University College.

“At Peninsula Regional, we know that a successful leader is one who inspires,” she said, “and we have roughly 200 of those people doing that every day in leadership positions throughout our medical center.”