Joseph DeMattos Jr.

DeMattos, JoeMF35 2Joseph DeMattos Jr.

President & CEO

Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HVAM)


Joseph DeMattos Jr.’s leadership philosophy follows a three-pronged strategy: Establish vision, emphasize results and remain approachable.

As president and CEO of Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) of Linthicum, DeMattos Jr. says he oversees a group of highly talented staff members, but constantly providing vision is key to motivating them. “Vision provides a sense of purpose, and purpose fuels passion,” he said. “Passion, in turn, gets the job done. In every conversation I have with team members, I remind them that our goal is to be a voice for the voiceless—an advocate for a generation fully deserving of gratitude, but often forgotten.”

In tough economic times, when dollars are not freely flowing to nonprofits, competition for funds among thousands of agencies requires daily vigilance in monitoring the results of meetings, projects and proposals, DeMattos said. “Having an accountability system in place is critical, especially for those who work in the non-profit sector during tough economic times,” he said.

Approachability, in turn, helps foster the healthy, collaborative atmosphere, DeMattos said. “The role of a leader is to equip and empower—the only way to do that is to get to know each team member as an individual,” he said.

The strategy seems to be working. Since he started in 2009, HFAM has secured more state funding through Medicaid to provide care for vulnerable populations, grown membership and enhanced the status of its political action committee, DeMattos said. “All of these pieces have helped us succeed and we will continue to utilize all of our tools to maintain and grow upon these successes.”