Mary Ann Hewitt

Hewitt, Mary AnnMF10 2Mary Ann Hewitt

Executive Director

Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE)


Finance and the economy aren’t necessarily easy topics for young students to digest. But in a tough economy, Mary Ann Hewitt finds she can motivate her team by telling them how their lessons to young students can actually move the economy in a better direction.

“I provide a highly collaborative environment for my team by encouraging them to bring ideas to the table and facilitating discussion until the idea comes to life,” said Hewitt, executive director of the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE) in Towson.

In the role since 2005, Hewitt is constantly on the prowl for new methods of keeping young people engaged as she strives to achieve the MCEE’s mission of providing high school students a sense of financial literacy that allows them to make informed choices about their finances going forward.

“By adapting to the way that modern students learn, I show teachers how to create interactive lesson plans and motivate the students by allowing them to participate in contests with others around the state,” Hewitt said.

Some examples of these programs include the Stock Market Game, which allows students to simulate investing in the modern stock market, and a program designed for Baltimore City Public Schools that instructs students how to create their own businesses and make the decisions they need to get going, she said. “By creating this new program, students are able to explore business as a career option, where they would not have been able to in their prior course work.”