Mary Ann Scully

Scully, Mary Ann06MFMary Ann Scully

Board Chairperson, President & CEO
Howard Bank


In the 13 years since she founded Howard Bank, Mary Ann Scully has consistently looked for innovative ways to gain an advantage on the competition and thrive.

Keeping in mind that community bank leaders “must be prepared to make it up as they go along because of the constant barrage of new rules and new competitors,” she prides herself in building a “culture of adaptability.”

Howard Bank participated in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) when many other banks declined, and entered the mortgage business when other banks were leaving.

In addition, Scully assigned four “under-40s” to stay on top of the financial technology (“fintech”) world, which uses technology to make financial services more efficient.

She also has hired experienced executives from local banks such as BB&T Maryland and Columbia Bank, and pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy that includes Patapsco Bancorp, Inc. and the assets of NBRS Financial, the Rising Sun-based bank closed by state regulators last year.

As a result, Howard’s network of branches has doubled, its assets increased to nearly $1 billion, and her bank, she says, “is leaving a legacy by providing a full range of banking services to the citizens of five Maryland counties and the city of Baltimore.”

Scully, who earned an MBA from Loyola University Maryland, had a 30-year career as a top executive at Allfirst Bank (now M&T Bank) before launching Howard Bank. She is a board member of the Baltimore Federal Reserve, a Community Board Member for the FDIC and former chairperson of the Maryland Bankers Association.