Peter D. Maller

Maller, PeterMF29 2Peter D. Maller

Founder & President
Maller Wealth Advisors


Peter Maller describes himself as being ‘one of those people that is extremely focused and goal oriented. I think what drives me the most is essentially helping clients obtain the goals that they have set for themselves — those then become my goals.’

Originally from South Africa, Maller was first drawn to the financial world because he liked the idea of making a difference in the lives of clients and having the ability to build a business where there were no limitations.

He spent more than 20 years in the financial planning industry, serving as a managing partner and founding member of Heritage Financial Consultants before starting the Hunt Valley-based Maller Wealth Advisors in 2014. Maller enjoys getting clients to a point where they are able to retire, gift assets in a tax-efficient way to kids and grandkids and donate money to charities without affecting their retirement.

The company daily strives for excellence with their core competency — financial planning and investment management — but also aims for outstanding experiences for both the clients and employees. An experience coordinator is on staff to oversee functions and interactions.

Because every employee works so hard, he wants them to know they are valued. The company also does a hands-on day every six months with a local charity. Maller said the days are not only a great team-building experience, but a great way to be involved in the community.