Robert DeAlmeida

Robert DeAlmeida

President & CEO

Hamilton Bank


When Robert DeAlmeida took over as president and CEO of Towson-based Hamilton Bank in 2005, it was, in his words, a “sleepy savings and loan” focused on mortgage loans and making fewer and fewer loans each year.

Eleven years later, the bank has expanded big time into commercial loans and, while it’s been an occasionally bumpy ride, the bank turned a profit of $94 million this fiscal year.

“Today banking is all about being competitive and innovative to attract customers,” DeAlmeida said. “For over 100 years, Hamilton built relationships. Today we must be mindful that customers want and demand faster, quicker and an easier way to handle their money.”

Technology such as on-line bill-paying and depositing checks from your phone is allowing community banks like Hamilton to compete with the big banks, DeAlmeida said, and his bank has embraced that technology. Hamilton is now looking to modernize and streamline the process of borrowing money and “take the mystery out of loan approvals.”

“A lot has changed since my first days of being named president and more change will occur to make banking flexible for our customers.”

DeAlmeida, who earned a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Baltimore, is a 2012 graduate of Leadership Baltimore County.