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Sheldon Stein

Stein, SheldonMF07 2Sheldon Stein

President & CEO
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital 


Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s more than 500 employees have just one mission: To help children improve the quality of their lives, said Sheldon Stein, president and CEO.

“We have been able to develop collaborative programs that provide unique services to children with medically complex issues: post-acute neonatal intensive care unit care, weight management programs, sleep services, and extensive outpatient specialty services and rehabilitation,” Stein said.

The Baltimore hospital continues to be in strong financial shape under Stein’s management. From 2014 to 2015, revenue increased 14 percent and net income increased 11 percent, he said.

Stein joined Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in 1995 as vice president of Patient Care Services. He was chief operating officer from 1997 to 2002, and was named CEO in 2002. During his tenure, hospital revenue has increased 108 percent and net income has increased more than 200 percent.

Stein began his career in staff and leadership positions in respiratory therapy. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York Stony Brook and an MBA from University of Colorado.

“I am proud that Mt. Washington has never had a reduction in force since I was named CEO,” he said. “We work together as a team, caring for children and figuring out how to succeed during tough times, as well as sharing rewards during very successful periods. I believe in being fair, honest, and visible.”