Tim Polanowski

Polanowski, TimMF13 2Tim Polanowski

President & CEO
The Kornblatt Company


Tim Polanowski started his career with Kornblatt, a Baltimore-based commercial real estate company, as controller, managing the accounting department and overseeing a transition to new accounting software. A year later, he was named president.

The move, Polanowski said, gave him the chance to put into practice a few principles which he feels strongly about.

“As a landlord, we are one hundred percent transparent to our tenants. Believe it or not, that is very rare in our industry,” Polanowski said. “But I feel the tenants should know not only why we make the decisions that we do, but have input on how it affects them. Other landlords are afraid that they are giving up leverage. I feel I am gaining trust.”

During his tenure, Kornblatt’s revenue has increased by nearly 14 percent.

Polanowski is a board member of the Downtown Partnership and past board member of the Charles Street Development Board. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Baltimore.

“I believe in developing great people. That is most important to me,” Polanowski said. “If I teach them how to be great, they may advance to another career path. But at least I get to work with great people in the meantime.”