About Reader Rankings

After honoring more than 145 winners in more than 45 categories in our inaugural Reader Rankings program in 2017, The Daily Record built upon that success in 2018.

We made numerous changes to the process to improve the validity of the contest to offer more opportunities for you to participate, including two rounds of voting.

In 2018, we not only asked for our readers to vote for their favorite companies but to also help us identify companies to be included on the ballot. We collected more than 1,400 nominations during that process!

The companies that received the most nomination votes were selected to advance to the voting ballot. More than 12,600 votes were cast, and more than 200 winners were selected in more than 60 categories.

The Top Winner in each category was revealed at the Reader Ranking gala on July 26, 2018, where the top three winners in each category were celebrated.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to entertain clients, an expert who can help you recover inaccessible data, a top-notch educational institution, an entertainment venue or a highly-rated delivery service, there’s a business that is highly recommended by other Marylanders who read The Daily Record.

Voting will close on July 22 for the 2019 Reader Rankings list, so please participate in the voting process!