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ACLU of Md. asks state to end new prison book policy

Maryland prison officials violate the First Amendment rights of prisoners by severely limiting their access to books, including literary classics that explore the human condition and would assist in the convicts’ rehabilitation, the ACLU of Maryland stated in a letter Thursday urging the state’s head of corrections to end the restrictions.

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Lawyers’ Mall solicitation ban’s fate could depend on ‘forum’ ruling

A free-speech challenge to a Maryland state agency’s ban on financial solicitations on Lawyers’ Mall could come down to whether the site – at the foot of the State House and the feet of Thurgood Marshall’s statue – is an ...

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Use of restitution programs in Md. declining because of technology more than criticism

Partnerships between prosecutors and debt collectors who operate bad check restitution programs on their behalf persist in Maryland despite criticism from consumer advocates and a sharp decline in the number of cases as check use becomes increasingly rare. The partnerships ...

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ACLU, consumer rights advocates call for debt collection reform

A nationwide report on debt collection practices found Maryland judges are issuing arrest warrants for debtors who owe relatively small amounts and who fail to show up to court, often because they were unaware that collection proceedings had been initiated against them. ...

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Hogan’s mandatory-minimum bill thrills prosecutors, riles defense

ANNAPOLIS – Gov. Larry Hogan and chief county prosecutors battled the public defender’s office and the ACLU on Tuesday over his proposal to impose mandatory minimum sentences on repeat gun offenders, with law enforcement calling the measure necessary to reduce ...

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ACLU sues Hogan over deletion of Facebook comments

The social media relationship between Gov. Larry Hogan and the ACLU of Maryland might best be described now in a popular Facebook status: It’s complicated. The civil liberties organization Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the deletion of comments on Hogan’s official ...

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