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Nov 11, 2013

Flynt opposes execution of man who admitted shooting him

ST. LOUIS — Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is getting support from an unlikely source: Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who was paralyzed 35 years ago by a bullet apparently fired by Franklin. Franklin is set for execution Nov. 20 in Missouri for a 1977 murder. But he’s claimed responsibility for nearly two dozen other […]

Oct 30, 2013

A.G. candidates try to outdo each other on revenge-porn bills

Two state delegates battling for the Democratic nomination for Maryland attorney general will duel in Annapolis next year over how best to deal with revenge porn.

Sep 9, 2013

Details emerge on border-seizure of laptops

WASHINGTON — Newly disclosed U.S. government files provide an inside look at the Homeland Security Department’s practice of seizing and searching electronic devices at the border without showing reasonable suspicion of a crime or getting a judge’s approval. The documents published Monday describe the case of David House, a young computer programmer in Boston who […]

Aug 21, 2013

ACLU: Muslims face more scrutiny for citizenship

LOS ANGELES — A government program to screen immigrants for national security concerns has blacklisted some Muslims and put their U.S. citizenship applications on hold for years, civil liberties advocates said Wednesday. The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California said in a report that the previously undisclosed program instructs federal immigration officers to find […]

Aug 16, 2013

Va. man back in court over inclusion on no-fly list

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — It’s been 2 ½ years since Gulet Mohamed, then 19, found himself stuck in Kuwait, unable to return to the United States because of his apparent placement on the government’s no-fly list. Mohamed made it back to the U.S. not long after a federal lawsuit was filed on his behalf in January […]

Jul 17, 2013

ACLU: Police record license plates by the millions

WASHINGTON — You can drive, but you can’t hide. A rapidly growing network of police cameras is capturing, storing and sharing data on license plates, making it possible to stitch together people’s movements whether they are stuck in a commute, making tracks to the beach or up to no good. For the first time, the […]

May 28, 2013

Supreme Court stays out of Planned Parenthood funding case

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana will likely stop defending a law that stripped Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood after the Supreme Court declined to hear the case Tuesday, an attorney who represents the nation’s largest abortion provider said. Indiana is among more than a dozen states that have enacted or considered laws to prevent taxpayers’ money from […]

May 9, 2013

ACLU seeks to renew Wicomico voting-rights case

The ACLU of Maryland is urging the U.S. Justice Department to reopen a voting-rights challenge against Wicomico County, citing what the group called the continuing, decades-long underrepresentation of blacks on the county council.

Apr 18, 2013

House passes pro-business cybersecurity bill

WASHINGTON — Pro-business legislation aimed at helping companies fend off sophisticated foreign hackers sailed through the House on Thursday despite a White House veto threat and an outcry from privacy advocates and civil liberties groups that say it leaves Americans vulnerable to spying by the military. The House vote, 288-127, puts the spotlight on the […]

Apr 15, 2013

Violinist sues Ocean City over noise restriction

An Owings Mills violinist who says he has been threatened with arrest for playing the violin on the Boardwalk in Ocean City is suing the city over the noise ordinance enacted last June.

Apr 12, 2013

Violinist sues Ocean City over noise ordinance

OCEAN CITY — A violinist is suing Ocean City, saying police hassled him over his music while enforcing a restrictive noise ordinance. The American Civil Liberties Union has sued on behalf of William F. Hassay Jr., who says he stopped playing on the Boardwalk last year for fear of being arrested and had to perform […]

Feb 21, 2013

County won’t pay for Leopold’s lawyers in ACLU suit

Anne Arundel County will not provide former County Executive John R. Leopold with legal counsel in a civil action filed against him by the ACLU.

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