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Of wells and hot tubs at the Exxon trial

Two notes from observing testimony the last few days in Jacksonville residents’ mass-action lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp. stemming from a 25,000-plus-gallon gas station leak in 2006. – One argument I do not remember hearing during the first trial regarding ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: For Bernstein, hope is easy; change is hard

We congratulate Gregg Bernstein. His decision to leave private practice to run for Baltimore City State’s Attorney reflects courage and commitment. His election signaled a desire in our community for more effective leadership in dealing with crime. But, as with ...

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Lost in translation: Communicating and technology

Many of us marvel at technology and the way it is supposed to increase productivity by increasing our efficiency. When I first started practicing law, the BlackBerry was being introduced and electronic mail was becoming a standard form of communications. ...

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Share the road

Last week, I read an Above the Law post that really got my blood boiling. A North Carolina man was sentenced to just 120 days in prison after he shot a bicyclist in the head during a roadside confrontation — ...

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Legal Karma – What Comes Around Goes Around

As I post this blog entry, 2010 has been a harsh year for the Michael Siri family.  After bringing home our New Year’s Eve baby boy, our dog of 6 years, a wonderful St. Bernard we rescued from the Maryland ...

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There’s an app for that?

_ The primary legal research companies, Westlaw and LexisNexis, were among the first companies to recognize the potential of the internet as a legal research tool when they launched online versions in the early 1990s. Given their entrepreneurial spirit, the ...

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