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A brief history of legal technology

Scott MacMullan

From carbon copies to WordPerfect to Word, from faxing and Fedexing to emailing and, these days, cloud computing and e-filing, legal technology history demonstrates while we lawyers might be stubborn, change is going to happen. And what better way to ...

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Public resources for public good

Divya Potdar

A good start to reconciling the disparity and tackling the “social economics of poor, urban America” is funding public resources, activities and services which are free to the under-privileged. It’s no surprise that inequality of economic conditions for families is directly correlated with an inequality in opportunity.

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From briefing clients to briefing soldiers

I was scheduled to begin a four-day, civil jury trial in Baltimore on Thursday, April 30. The night before, co-counsel and I had agreed to terms with opposing counsel for a settlement of the case. Little did I know that just hours after signing the settlement order in court, I would be reporting for state active duty with the Maryland Army National Guard to respond to the civil disturbance in Baltimore City.

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Making a difference one client at a time

How do we fix that as a society and what role do lawyers play in the fixing? How do we reduce violence and poverty in neighborhoods? How do we reduce police violence against citizens, and vice versa? How do we create jobs in the riot-scarred areas of town? How do we bridge the incredible gulf between some of our communities?

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Is it time to rethink the licensing of lawyers?

The policy reasons for adopting a nationalized and standardized Bar exam are sound. Maybe it’s time to remove the territorial barriers that often prevent attorneys from relocating or accepting new jobs. Furthermore, I think it’s time for Maryland to reexamine its policy of reciprocal admission.

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Finding ways to stay active

Although I consider myself a healthy-ish person, I'm simply not active enough. Between juggling family and work, it is mission impossible to find enough time in my day to escape to the gym. As a busy trial lawyer, being active and always eating healthy becomes a struggle. Enter the Fitbit.

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Babe Ruth, milestone birthdays, and a thousand little dots

It's easy to look at your latest legal victory and pat yourself on the back. But building a practice is more than your last victory. It’s building a reputation. It’s building a list of long-term clients by helping them with their latest issues (or looking around corners and navigating them before they have any problems).

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What I’ve learned from Frank Underwood

Being attorneys, we know that the public’s understanding of court and trials are skewed by courtroom television and crime dramas. In the same way, good or bad, my understanding of politics likely will be based on episodes of "House of Cards."

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