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Insomnia and Cross-Examination

After a busy day at work, facing the prospect of an even busier day come morning, I got ready for bed at a fairly reasonable hour and quickly went to sleep. Unfortunately, my son had different plans. I awoke sometime ...

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Legal Karma – What Comes Around Goes Around

As I post this blog entry, 2010 has been a harsh year for the Michael Siri family.  After bringing home our New Year’s Eve baby boy, our dog of 6 years, a wonderful St. Bernard we rescued from the Maryland ...

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Clothes Make the Woman

I read John’s post, “Clothes Make the Man,” and chuckled. Here I was thinking that men had it so easy when it came to wardrobe choices, but in fact, creating and maintaining a professional wardrobe is daunting for both sexes. ...

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Mentoring: Give & Take

It took about two years after passing the bar exam for me to move beyond the daily terror that I was missing something with every work project. In law school it’s all academic, but once you are out there in ...

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Hypothermia for a Cause

On Saturday, as snow was falling through most of Maryland and the temperature dipped well below freezing, I was standing half-naked on the beach at Sandy Point State Park with 17 other young lawyers preparing myself for a dip into ...

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The lost art of the handwritten note

I was thinking about writing this post before I read Rob Erdman’s post from Tuesday, I promise. When good things happen to our colleagues, peers or clients, we often shoot off a quick email, with the appropriate congratulatory language. Sometimes ...

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