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Haitian Relief Efforts

It goes without saying that first and foremost, we need to dig as deep as we can into our wallets and make donations to organizations providing on the ground relief work in Haiti.  If you haven’t donated already (or you ...

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Dad, “I don’t know”

I loved Keith’s post from Tuesday.  In it, he talks about trying to turn off the lawyer persona at home, citing a conversation he had with his wife about Grey’s Anatomy and whether one of the doctors on the show ...

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Don’t bite off more than you can chew

One of my favorite pieces of advice for working parents is not to bite off more than you can chew.  And then learn to live with whatever that means.  For me, that means not feeling guilty for the store-bought cupcakes for my kids’ school birthdays, ...

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New Year’s Resolutions (v.2010)

The tradition of making new year’s resolutions is reportedly derived from ancient Rome in 153 B.C. Janus the “two face,” a mythical god of Rome, was put on calendars. Janus was depicted with faces in opposite directions, representing his ability ...

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A Young Lawyer’s Work Never Ends

Occasionally (and fortunately, not often), I come to work, sit at my desk, and realize that I do not have a pile of work to get through. Usually it happens between the week of Christmas and New Year’s, when a ...

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