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Justices give school another shot in affirmative action case (access required)

Giving the University of Texas at Austin another chance to prove that its affirmative action program passes constitutional muster, the U.S Supreme Court held Monday that schools must prove that admissions policies considering race among other factors must be strictly tailored to the purpose of diversity.

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Supreme Court sends back Texas race-based plan

WASHINGTON — Affirmative action in college admissions survived Supreme Court review Monday in a consensus decision that avoided the difficult constitutional issues surrounding a challenge to the University of Texas admission plan. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the court’s 7-1 ruling ...

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Supreme Court weighing Md. cases

WASHINGTON — At least three issues before the Supreme Court this term could have an impact on Maryland law. The first, Fisher v. University of Texas, heard Oct. 10, challenges the constitutionality of race-based admissions to universities, and its outcome ...

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