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The perils of youth for attorneys

I’m about to turn 27. Some mornings when I get out of bed I hear a little creaking sound —only it’s not coming from the wooden bedposts. It’s starting to take just the slightest bit longer to recover from a sore muscle nowadays. And while my memory continues to be one of my strongest assets, I occasionally blank on items I could recall instantaneously in the past.

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First a degree, then Chapter 7

As if the job market were not hard enough for recent college graduates, now comes news of another potential pitfall — bankruptcy. The number of people with bachelor’s degrees filing for bankruptcy jumped more than 20 percent between 2006 and ...

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Judge contests age limit

ANNAPOLIS — An attorney for a circuit court judge forced into retirement at age 70 by the state constitution told a skeptical Maryland high court on Tuesday that mandatory retirement applies only to sitting judges. Attorneys older than 70 who ...

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