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Alaska candidate’s Maryland home at issue

(AP) Officials say they will look into a tax break for Maryland residents received by Alaska’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate. Alaska Public Radio Network reported that Dan Sullivan owned a home in Bethesda, and the Alaska Democratic Party chairman asked ...

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Unhappy about new limits, gun makers urged to move

CONCORD, N.H. — Firearms manufacturers upset over newly restrictive gun laws and proposals in their home states are getting a message from other places: Move here, where the climate is favorable to your products and so are the tax codes. ...

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Census: Population slowing in large portions of U.S.

WASHINGTON — Many states that posted big population gains in the 2010 census are now seeing their decade-long growth fizzle, hurt by a prolonged economic slump that is stretching into larger portions of the South and West. New 2011 estimates ...

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Migrating swans bring out Anchorage photographers

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Southcentral Alaska sees plenty of visitors, but few draw local paparazzi like the guests that fly south every October: trumpeter and tundra swans. Hundreds of swan pairs, some with gray juveniles, stop at lakes and ponds on ...

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