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Andrew H. Baida: Bad dog!

A few folks out there may think it insulting to compare my dog to some of the attorneys I had to deal with in recent appeals I’ve handled. It probably is insulting, so I’d like to apologize. To my dog. Even on his worst day, Smokey is better-behaved.

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Andrew Baida: A little less anarchy, please

A recent drive to work reminded me of a chaotic condition within the Maryland appellate court framework, which I meant to bring to the attention of the Maryland Rules Committee some time ago. As with other issues of a similar nature that have appeared on my radar screen sporadically, but with greater frequency than my UFO sightings, this one fell off because I misplaced the post-it note I had written to myself as a reminder to take action to try to remedy the situation.

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Not enough new nominees for CSA

Those who missed the application deadline to succeed retired Judge James R. Eyler on the Court of Special Appeals will have a second chance, as the vacancy will be readvertised. The reopening results from the Appellate Judicial Nominating Commission’s submission ...

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Judge Eyler to step down a little early

Court of Special Appeals Judge James R. Eyler will step down May 1, about 2½ months before the Maryland Constitution would compel his retirement at age 70. “My intention has been to go into private mediation,” Eyler said last week ...

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Andrew H. Baida: Art of Appellate Advocacy

Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks may have gotten away with it unscathed when he chomped down on the gloved hand of the Boston Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals, but a recent Court ...

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