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Supreme Court takes health care case behind closed doors

WASHINGTON — The survival of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul rests with a Supreme Court seemingly split over ideology and, more particularly, in the hands of two Republican-appointed justices. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy put tough ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Md. high court decisions too long in coming

Like the mills of the gods, the wheels of justice at Maryland’s highest court grind “exceeding slow.” In many instances, too slow for justice. Legal Affairs Writer Steve Lash of this paper reported last week that the average period of ...

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Defense portrays Brown, not Tshamba, as aggressor

In each of the first three days of the murder trial of Baltimore police officer Gahiji Tshamba, the prosecution called an eyewitness who testified it was the off-duty officer who aggressively escalated the confrontation with a former Marine behind a ...

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Asbestos offset argument fails in Court of Appeals

Defendants who lose an asbestos lawsuit have no right to an automatic credit for money the plaintiff received by settling with another company’s asbestos trust, the state’s highest court has held. Instead, the Court of Appeals affirmed that the verdict ...

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