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Legg Mason assets up 8.5 percent in August

Legg Mason Inc., the Baltimore-based asset manager, reported on Wednesday that assets under management in August were $711.2 billion, up 8.5 percent from $644.5 billion in August 2013. Fixed income investments closed at $367.9 billion, an increase from last year’s ...

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Gary S. Williams: Understanding how correlation works

Investors hear a lot about the benefits of asset allocation, that is, spreading your assets among different types of investments to help reduce risk. But less discussed is an equally important measurement: correlation, which is a way to measure how closely related two types of investments are. In theory, you could be invested in multiple securities of differing types and classes, but if they are all closely correlated, your portfolio may not be as diverse as you think — and could open you up to more risk than you intended.

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