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Court disbars Towson divorce attorney with history of misconduct

The state’s top court has disbarred a Towson attorney with a “rather lengthy history” of misconduct who faced complaints from four clients she represented in divorce matters. Melissa D. Gray charged these clients unreasonable fees, ignored phone calls and emails ...

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Columbia solo attorney disbarred after six clients file complaints

Court of Appeals

A Columbia lawyer who faced attorney grievance complaints from six different clients was disbarred because failed to use a trust account for unearned legal fees, did not refund those unearned fees after representation agreements ended and was unresponsive to his ...

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Md. court disbars attorney who failed to pay $2.5m in taxes

The Court of Appeals has disbarred a Montgomery County attorney who underpaid his federal income taxes by $2.5 million over the course of 15 years. Although a sharply divided court ruled in 2012 to indefinitely suspend Gerald Isadore Katz for ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Attorney Grievance Commission needs additional powers

We believe that the Attorney Grievance Commission must have the power to stop disbarred lawyers from continuing to practice law and those activities reasonably related thereto, where there is any possibility those services will be provided to consumers other than lawyers.

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Neil Lewis’ ex-clients on hook for medical bills he didn’t pay

They hired Neil J. Lewis to represent them after they were injured in car accidents. But some of his former clients are now finding themselves back in court to pay their portion of what could be more than a $1 million in medical bills Lewis was supposed to pay out of settlement proceeds, a transgression that led to his disbarment.

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Attorney receives indefinite suspension in reciprocal discipline case

The Court of Appeals has indefinitely suspended an attorney who was found to have  falsified invoices to obtain more than $6,000 in reimbursement from her Boston-based law firm for personal expenses she claimed were business-related. Mira Sugarman Burghardt worked as ...

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Court disbars lawyer with history of sex-related discipline charges

The Court of Appeals has ordered the disbarment of an Anne Arundel County lawyer whose disciplinary history includes a 60-day suspension for exchanging a Vicodin pill for sex, as well as an indefinite suspension for sending sexual text messages to a client.

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