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Tag Archives: attorney misconduct

Md. high court disbars Rockville attorney for lack of honesty, service (access required)

A unanimous Maryland high court has disbarred a Rockville solo practitioner who provided nearly no legal services for two clients but essentially kept their unearned retainer payments, ignored discovery requests from opposing counsel and failed to respond to bar counsel ...

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Court disbars lawyer who advised clients to skip hearing, lied to judges (access required)

Maryland’s top court has unanimously disbarred an attorney who advised two asylum applicants against appearing at their scheduled immigration court hearings and then falsely told the judges she did not know where they were. Alisha Ann Portillo, who was admitted ...

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Md. high court disbars immigration lawyer, notes ‘vulnerable’ clients (access required)

Maryland’s top court has unanimously disbarred a Silver Spring immigration lawyer who lied to immigration judges, clients and their families, collected unearned fees, failed to provide case files to his former clients’ new attorneys and did not cooperate with bar ...

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Md. high court disbars attorney who raided estate’s funds (access required)

A unanimous Maryland top court has disbarred a probate attorney who raided a client’s nearly $850,000 estate for personal use, including to pay his daughters’ private school tuition, his credit card bills and his legal malpractice insurance premiums. Nicholas G. ...

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Md. high court suspends attorney for falsely signing will (access required)

Saying perjury cannot go unsanctioned, Maryland’s top court has suspended for at least six months a Baltimore lawyer who falsely declared having witnessed a longtime client’s signing of his will when in fact the declaration, in writing, was made after ...

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