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Tag Archives: attorney misconduct

Md. appeals court disbars Baltimore lawyer for neglecting clients and casework

Maryland’s top court disbarred a Baltimore lawyer who violated a dozen rules of professional conduct by ignoring and neglecting clients, mishandling client money and misrepresenting his actions to multiple courts, according to an opinion filed late last week. The lawyer, ...

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Ohio Supreme Court tells attorney the naked truth

Today is Monday, the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Bates v. State Bar of Arizona decision that bans on attorney advertising are unconstitutional. Here are some other news items. — Ohio Supreme Court indefinitely suspends attorney for driving while ...

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High court indefinitely suspends Maryland attorney who represented husband

Maryland Court of Appeals

A unanimous Maryland high court on Friday indefinitely suspended a Columbia solo practitioner who, while representing her husband, lied to opposing counsel and spoke directly to an opposing party despite knowing she had legal representation. In its 7-0 decision, the ...

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