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Police officer owes $50K for arrest of 13-year-old

A Baltimore jury has awarded $50,000 to the mother of a then-13-year-old boy who said he was chased down, punched and ultimately released by a city police officer, only to be detained again without charges after the teen sought treatment for his injuries.

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Editorial: All in the Family Division

Imagine the fate of your family life depends on a trial judge, who will issue a custody decision based in part on an investigative report. Now, imagine that the report can only be viewed in one room of one courthouse. No copying allowed. No exceptions.

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No-copy policy requires judge’s discretion

The state’s highest court has questioned a longstanding policy of the Baltimore City Circuit Court in custody cases, which bars attorneys and self-represented litigants from taking a custody investigator’s report out of the Family Division Clerk’s Office or even making photocopies of it.

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Top court won’t stay lawyers-at-bail ruling

Maryland’s top court said Wednesday it will not stay its landmark decision that criminal defendants have a constitutional right to counsel at initial bail hearings — but even so, it may have prolonged the seven-year legal fight between the accused and the state.

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